Cattle Decapitation by Roberto Fierro on Flickr.

Defeater @Fluff Fest

Lorna Shore

I Declare War by skenphoto on Flickr.

Stick To Your Guns | Amber.

Rings Of Saturn 8/2/13 by nmartin090 on Flickr.
the lighting is cool




I would like to discuss this photo and why it might be one of my favourite images I have ever created.This is Matthew Greiner, which, some of you may know him as the drummer from the band August Burns Red. ABR has been a band since 2003 and have been going steady ever since. When they first started out, Matt and JB (ABR’s lead guitarist), would write all of their material in the barn loft on Matt’s parents farm. Not only did he and JB write albums such as Thrill Seeker and Messengers (some of my favourite albums to this day) in this loft, but the band also used to practice here constantly whenever they were at home in Pennsylvania. Myself being a fan of the band as well as their friend, it was truly incredible to see in person.There are set lists and lyrics plastered all over the walls from throughout the years writing and rehearsing in this space. When I had the opportunity to hang out with Matt on our off day in his hometown, he was kind enough to bring me by the farm and show me these places. I took this photo on a Leica Mini with Illford HP5+ film because I didn’t think a digital image would have done it justice. It was meant to be a sincere moment, and I feel like this photo just means more to me knowing that I have the exact 35mm slide, cut and mounted, so no matter what, I can re-print and keep this image forever. Just seeing the place where one of my favourite bands growing up used to jam and write the albums that I wouldn’t stop listening to in high school was a truly priceless moment in my life that I will never forget. Having the opportunity to shoot some bigger artists in fancy arenas is nice and all, but capturing moments such as this that are so sincere and meaningful are why I picked up a camera in the first place. 

Hands Like Houses Self Help Festival - San Bernardino, CA

The Dillinger Escape Plan | Greg Puciato [x]

Absolutely gorgeous PRS! I love everything about this guitar!
 by Jipoo190 on Flickr.

New record out this summer 

Jason Aalon Alexander Butler

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